• What is HotDateX?

    HotDateX radically differs from the other online dating sites, singles chat and internet classifieds. HotDateX is a more open expression of dating, in which users are not afraid to honestly and clearly state what they are looking for. HotDateX is dedicated to men, women and couples who do not want to forgo the pleasure of living 'no compromise' relationships consisting of easy flirts, erotic affaires or longer relationships.

  • Why register to HotDateX?

    HotDateX is a meeting place characterised by a pleasant and refined atmosphere. Users will benefit from a more open view regarding erotism, seen as a topic free from false moralism. The HotDateX staff will help members find the right person to fulfill their fantasies and desires.

  • How to register?

    The registration HotDateX is completely free for everyone. During the profile creation process some essential personal data will be asked: birth date, gender, city of residence, e-mail address, your physical appearance and your preferences about your ideal partner. By registering HotDateX you accept that some of the provided personal data will be shown in the pages of the website. In particular, in your personal profile the following data provided in the registration process are going to be shown: county/region of residence, gender, age and physical appearance. You will be asked for your sexual preferences in order to create your profile and to receive contact proposals from other users.

  • How are the HotDateX contact proposals generated?

    After you have created your profile and expressed your sexual preferences, HotDateX will send you contact proposals in line with what you are looking for. The proposed contacts will be constantly refined according to your search criterias. If you wish to change the data in your profile, for example your preferences - totally free of charge - the changes will be saved in our database and the new contact proposals will be in line with your new tastes.

  • Does HotDateX offer a guaranteed number of contacts?

    We know from experience that our users usually receive many contact proposals.

    To benefit from Guaranteed Contacts and to have access to the more advanced HotDateX services we suggest you subscribe to the Vip-Pass of your choice among the following options:

    Vip-Pass 3 months

    Vip-Pass 6 months

    Vip-Pass 12 months

    By becoming a Vip user you will be able to receive an unlimited number of contact proposals with no additional charges.

My profile

  • How can I edit my profile?

    Once inside your personal area on HotDateX you can modify your personal data anytime from the “Profile” section. Select the tab with the data that you wish to modify, insert the new ones and click on “Save”. Our database will be instantly updated with the changes you made in order to propose you new contacts in line with your updated personal data. The only data that you can not modify are your gender, the gender of your ideal partner and your date of birth. Only if you are a Vip user you are entitled to ask to our support service to modify those personal information for you.

  • What information is visible to my contacts?

    Your profile on HotDateX is anonymous. The members who will receive your contact proposal will get to know only your gender, age, sexual orientation, appearance, county of residence, county where you are looking for contacts and preferences. We can assure you that the communications between the users will always be totally anonymous thanks to our messages system. It is only up to you the decision to get out from anonymity.

  • Where can I edit the login data?

    You can modify your login data from the “Settings” page inside your private area on HotDateX. From the section “Confirm email” you can request to have the confirmation email sent again to your email address simply by clicking on “Send”. If you wish to change the email address associated to your profile you just have fill out the “Insert new email” field and click on “Send”: you will receive a confirmation email to the new address you entered. Please note that the email address associated to your profile is also used to login to HotDateX, so we suggest you to use an email address that you use often and of which you know the access data. From the section “Change password” you can modify your login password. To do so insert your current password and then the new one. Please note that our system is case sensitive, so make sure not to have the caps lock active when you type in the password.


  • I deleted a message by mistake. How can I recover it?

    Every time you answer a message a copy of it will be saved. Keep in mind that once a message is deleted it is no longer possible to recover it.

  • Where can I find the answers to the messages I sent?

    The messages you receive from the other HotDateX users are stored in the “Messages” page. The unread messages are stored in the “New messages” tab. Once you read a message it will be automatically moved to the “Received messages” tab. Please note that in the “Messages” section there is an “Archive” tab: the messages older than 30 days will be automatically stored there. This is to make the new messages easier to find and to make easier to reply to an ongoing conversation.

  • How can I customize the messages I send?

    Whenever you wish to contact another user you will get to the “write message” page. Our system generates automatically a subject for your new message, containing your gender and your age. If you don’t like the automatic subject you can write one of your choice directly into the “subject” field. You can either select a preset message written for you by the HotDateX team or write yourself a custom message. If you wish to save a custom message and subject you simply click on the “save” button. They will be saved and will appear at the top of the fast messages. It is possible to save up to three combinations of custom message and subject.

  • Why am I not getting answer to my requests of contact?

    On HotDateX there are no fake users answering to messages and all of our users are real. Since we have no influence on the behavior of our users, it may happen that a message does not get answered.


  • Can I upload a photo?

    On your profile it's possible upload one or more photos. To fully protect your privacy your photos will always be covered: you can decide if you show them to users when they make request or you can decide to make them visible to all without any kind of request.

  • Can I see the photos of the other HotDateX members?

    If you want view photos of a user you need ask permission. The user will decide whether accept your request or not.

  • Instructions moderation photos

    HotDateX allows you to upload pictures and share them with whomever you want, but for them to be approved, it is necessary to respect some moderation criteria.

    Our team does not approve:

    - images of drawings, emoticons or smiles

    - images of children

    - images of celebrities or those protected by copyright

    - landscapes, art works, objects

    There are also forbidden:

    - vulgar images, indecent, obscene, or that incite violence

    - images that contain advertisement

    -low quality images or with covered parts

    - modified images that contain telephone number, e-mail, personal website, other websites

    - images containing logos

    - images where the user cannot be identified (group pictures, hidden face, picture taken from a long distance, etc.)

Contact proposals

  • What is a contact proposal?

    Whenever our system finds a partner compatible with your profile you will receive an email with the partner’s details. By clicking on the button in the email you will be able to see the partner’s profile. If the proposed partner meets your tastes you will be able to get in touch by sending him/her a message. By logging in to your private area on HotDateX you will receive further contact proposals. The contact proposals will contain all the information about the proposed profile: age, region of residence, physical appearance and preferences. If you particularly like a proposed profile you can save in your “Favorites”.

  • Why am I receiving fewer contact proposals lately?

    Starting from your registration to HotDateX our system will analyze all the available profiles to find out the ones that are most compatible with yours. You will not receive a fixed number of contact proposals every day, week or month. Whenever a user modifies his/her profile this will be again compared with yours and, if it matches your preferences, we will send you a new contact proposal. Please also note that setting very strict research criteria, such as a very small age range, you may receive a smaller number of compatible profiles.

  • Why did I receive a contact proposal from a person who does not live in my same location?

    There are people who look for erotic dates in the city they live in, while others look for romance in other cities or countries. For example it is possible that people who travel a lot and frequently visit your city may be interested in having a date with you, even if their residence is elsewhere.

Subscription cancellation

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    To cancel your subscription it is necessary to send a form, which you can find inside your profile at the “Settings” section – “Remove profile”.

    The form is already completed, you just have to write the reason why you’re cancelling your subscription and sign the form. The online form is in a PDF format, please make sure to have the Adobe Reader program in order to open the document.

    Send the form at the fax number 0041 91 6046509 within the following deadlines:

    Not later than 24 hours prior to the subscription expiry, in case of a 3 days subscription;

    Not later than 48 hours prior to the subscription expiry, in case of a 7 days subscription;

    Not later than 5 days prior to the subscription expiry, in case of a 15 days subscription;

    Not later than 15 days prior to the subscription expiry, in case of a quarterly subscription;

    Not later than 30 days prior to the subscription expiry, in case of a semestral subscription;

    Not later than 60 days prior to the subscription expiry, in case of an annual subscription.

    Every cancellation request, that won’t be received within the given deadlines and won’t contain the required information, won’t be considered as valid. If your cancelation request will contain the required information, but it won’t be received within the given deadline, your subscription will be renewed as foreseen and will be cancelled starting from the next expiry.

    We kindly remind you that once you’ll have the subscription cancelation you can continue to use it until its natural expiry, after which it won’t be renewed.

Profile deletion

  • What procedure do I have to follow to delete my HotDateX profile?

    To remove your profile from HotDateX, enter the site using your login data or through an email you received from HotDateX. Once you are in your private area, please go to ‘Settings‘: at the bottom of that webpage you will notice a link to use for deleting your profile. Click on the link and follow the on screen instructions to complete the procedure. Remember that if you choose to fully remove it, you will definitely lose the access to your profile. If you are a VIP Pass subscriber, you must request the cancellation of your subscription before cancelling your profile.

Problems with payment

  • I am trying to make a credit card payment, but I get a “transaction declined” error message

    If you receive a “transaction declined” error message while trying to purchase your Vip-Pass please make sure that you are entering the correct credit card data: credit card number, CVV and expiration date.

    Our payment system supports credit cards belonging the the Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and American Express circuits. If you are using a rechargeable credit card please make sure you have enough credit left to make the payment, otherwise it will be declined.

    It may happen that, for reasons beyond our will and control, the payment gets declined by your bank. It may simply be a temporary problem, so we suggest you to try again to make the payment.

    Please note that once the payment has been successfully processed your Vip-Pass will be activated instantly. You will not receive any confirmation of the activation and you will be able to contact other users right away. If you think that your payment was successfully processed but your Vip-Pass is still not active, please contact our support service.

E-mail notifications

  • How do I stop receiving e-mail notification?

    If you do not want to receive alerts or notifications about the new messages you have received in your HotDateX inbox, visits to your profile, new partners proposals and addition to favorites by another user you can deactivate this feature by going to the 'Settings -> E-mail Services” section and unchecking the notifications you do not want to receive. Then remember to click on 'Save'.

Improper behaving users

  • Improper behaving users

    HotDateX garantisce l'ottimale qualità dei suoi servizi descritta nella dichiarazione di intenti di impegno verso la lealtà (nessun falso annuncio aggiunto da HotDateX, nessun animatore). Se pensi che un profilo sia falso o se ricevi un messaggio scorretto da parte di un iscritto (spam, pubblicità, affermazioni volgari, razziste, affermazioni non veritiere, ecc.) fai clic sul pulsante 'segnala utente'. Ti preghiamo di motivare con accuratezza la tua segnalazione di utente scorretto, in modo che il nostro team di moderazione possa intervenire più efficacemente.

  • Blacklist

    If you no longer wish to be contacted by someone you can put those contacts in this section, so that you can’t get messages from them.


  • I tried to register but clicking on the 'Free registration' button nothing happens.

    You are probably using a browser that does not fully support JavaScript 1.1., like MS-I.E. 3.0 or the first versions of Netscape 3.0. We suggest you update your browser to the lastest version. Make sure you have Javascript installed.

  • I forgot my password. What can I do?

    If you don't remember your Password, you can ask for it to be sent to your email address. Type on your browser address bar our website address You will be directed to the public homepage. On the top right of that webpage, where you can normally write your access data to login , you will notice that the word “Password”, beside the login field, is a link. Click on it. As requested, type the email address you chose to subscribe to HotDateX and then click on “OK”. An email message containing your password will be sent to that email address.

  • What can I do if my password is stolen?

    HotDateX respects your personal data in compliance with the current laws on Privacy. We assure you that it is not possible to access a profile without a Password, unless somebody knows it. We suggest you use a hard to guess password and be very careful when using public PCs like the ones found in Internet Points.

  • Why can I not access my profile (login)?

    Make sure that you have correctly typed in your access data. If you still can not access, make sure you do not have cookies disabled in your browser; to activate them: If you are using Internet Explorer 4.0x and above go to the 'View-> Internet Preferences'menu. In the 'Advanced' tab scroll trought the list until you find the preferences for cookies. Now select 'Warn me before accepting a cookie'. If you are using Netscape 4.0 and above go to the 'Edit->Preferences...' menu and select the 'Advanced' modality and 'Accept only cookies that get sent back to the originating server' and 'Warn me before accepting a cookie'.

  • I can not confirm my e-mail address.

    By registering to HotDateX you will receive a message to the e-mail address you have provided during the registration process. If you do not find that message, make sure it has not been filed into the Spam or 'undesired messages' folder. Then follow the instructions to confirm your address. You can have a new confirmation email sent to your email address from the “Settings” -> “Confirm email” page in your HotDateX profile.


  • We protect the privacy of all of our members.

    We respect the current legislation about protection of personal data and we use all the required resources to provide you with a safe environment. By joining HotDateX you accept that the following data, provided during the registration process, will be shown on your personal profile: your county/region of residence, gender, age and physical appearance. Your e-mail address will never be shown and your profile will be completely anonymous. You will be able to create a custom nickname associated to your profile once registered.

  • For how long will the information I entered during the registration process be stored in the database?

    Your personal data will be stored in our database until the moment you remove your profile from our portal.