• Why register?

    Thousands of users log in to this community every day. If you are looking for new relationships, fun or love, you will always find many people to get in touch with.

    Meet new people in your town, your country or the world.

  • How to register?

    The registration is completely free. During the profile creation process some essential personal data will be asked: birth date, gender, city of residence, e-mail address. You will have to choose a nickname: remember that the nickname can’t be modify.

    By registering to the website you accept that some of the provided personal data will be shown in the pages of the website. In particular, in your personal profile the following data provided in the registration process are going to be shown: country/region of residence, gender, age.

    Your e-mail address won’t be published but will be used only for editorial purposes.

    During the registration process you can complete your profile, delineate a profile for people you are looking for, add your photo and write a little presentation about you.

    After you have registered, your profile will be created and visible on the website. After the registration you can access the service entering your correct Username and password.

  • What characters can I use for my nickname?

    You can use only alphanumeric characters and your nickname must consist of numbers and letters without accents. Remember: don’t leave white spaces.

  • Registration details

    You have to complete the registration form with a nickname of 6 characters. This will be the nickname that will always identify you each time you access the community.

    You'll have to choose a password (don’t forget it!) and fill in your e-mail address.

    You will indicate the gender, who do you want to know, your date of birth, the country and the city of residence. After you have accepted the privacy conditions and the term of use you will confirm your choices.

    Afterwards you’ll have the chance to describe yourself thoroughly choosing your characteristics and general description: ie. Hair color, interests, job ect.

  • How can I complete my profile with one or more photos?

    To upload your photo, click on the top, right side of the screen button– the one showing your nickname - and log in the “My profile” area. You can decide whether uploading public or personal photos.

    Here are the characteristics of photos that can be uploaded:

    We suggest you to take a portrait of yourself and well-lighted. Minimum size of photo: 105 x 105 pixel. List of accepted formats: JPG, JPEG, GIF, but it would be better JPG and JPEG.

    Your photo will be approved by our staff within 48 hours (excluding weekends), you’ll receive an email about the outcome of your photo’s approval. Therefore, we kindly ask you to use a working email address when signing up. You can modify or delete your photo by clicking first on the button which shows your nickname, and then logging in the “My profile” area, and at last clicking on the “modify” button which is near your photo.

  • What is the moderation of the photo?

    To ensure high quality of service, we pay close attention to the publication of the photos. We reserve the right to refuse publication of any photo that does not respond to the ethics of the site. Drawings, pictures with children, group of celebrities, copyrighted and vulgar photos will be rejected immediately.

  • Why has my photo not been approved?

    We reserve the right to refuse publication of photos for the following reasons:

    image containing drawings, emoticons, smiley faces, children and celebrities, copyrighted photos, landscapes, works of art, objects. Vulgar or inciting to violence images, photos containing advertising of any kind, including references to other sites, email addresses, photos of poor quality or with hidden parts are prohibited.

    Furthermore, no photos are accepted if too small or chopped with large white spaces.

  • Most common reasons for the refusal of photos:

    • difficult to identify (group photo, hidden face, too have shot from a distance, etc..)

    • Photos considered indecent, vulgar, obscene, inciting to violence, etc..

    • edited picture in contrast with the policy (personal data, adding a message, etc..

    • picture that, without any doubt, do not represent you (drawings, cartoons, celebrity photography, landscapes, paintings, advertising of any kind, etc..)

    • picture unreadable (file defective or damaged during shipping)

Personal profile

  • Why should I complete my profile?

    More your profile is complete, more are the chances of being contacted.

    Your photo and your description are highlighted during the searches performed by other members; a profile with photos can receive up to 10 times the number of messages of one with no photo.

    More your profile is complete, higher is the number of users who will visit your page and contact you.

  • How can I edit my profile?

    If you wish to modify your profile log in, click on the top-right side button (which shows your nickname) and go to “My profile” area.

    You can modify photos, your look, personal data, style, your ideal partner by clicking on the “modify” button. Please remember that you cannot modify your nickname.

  • How to change my personal data and unsubscribe from E-mail Services?

    To modify your personal data click on the top-right button (the one which shows your nickname) then on "Account settings": now you can modify your email address (not visible to your contacts), your password, the language and the notification services that you wish to activate or deactivate.

  • How to edit the password?

    To modify your password click on the top-right button (the one showing your nickname) then on "Account settings" - “Access settings”.

  • My Test

    Creating your Test is really easy!

    Click on the top-right button (the one showing your nickname), log in the “My profile” area, therefore on the “Create test” button. Select your questions through the list of the suggested ones and choose the answers you’d like to receive. Your survey should have at least 5 questions in order to be suggested to other users, and not more than 20. If you find an interesting user you can send them your personal Test by clicking on SEND INVITATION.


  • How do I browse the website's features?

    The navigation in the website is made easier thanks to some menus that are always present.


    It allows for a precise search of members (advanced search) based on a series of filter criteria.


    To contact members even if they are not online.


    You can add users to the friend list or black list (list of member who can’t contact you)


    It allows to display the last 120 records, in a maximum period of 2 months: users who have visited your page, who have sent you a "Wink", who have invited you to chat, users you have added to the friend list.

    Private Area:

    It 's a personal space where to publish text, images, videos and more private details about your love life.


    choose one of the exclusive games available to meet new people and have fun with your friends.


    It allows you to access your personal profile to insert and change your information.

    My Account:

    It allows you to access your personal data, the status of your Pass and e-mail services

    Also at the top of the page, next to the website logo, there are four dynamic areas to alert you in real time on who wants to communicate with you:


    It alerts you of new visits to your profile and gives you information on the user who made it.

    Messages: It alerts you if you received a new message, and who is the sender.


    It warns you if you received a Wink and who is the sender.


    It alerts you if someone wants to chat with you or shows the last profile you have chatted with


    To view statistics on your desktop!

    Downloading the Gadget you will be able to keep an eye on the visits, mail, chat requests and Winks received when you're offline: ideal for not losing any contacts!

    To begin the installation:

    • Download the Gadget

    • Double click on downloaded file

    • Click on "Install"

    After a few seconds the new gadget will appear on your desktop.


    That are the informations about you that other members can see, you can change the content by clicking on "edit".

    Online - Offline:

    If you purchased a Pass with PLUS option you can choose who can contact you and when, by setting your status "online" or "offline"!

    You can also decide who can see you online despite your status is set to "Offline".

    Logout / Exit:

    You can leave your personal area.

Interactions with the user

  • How can I see the profile of other members and contact them?

    If the person is not currently connected(offline) you can contact her/him by sending a message or a Wink .

    If the person is connected (online) you can do all the "offline" operations such as sending a message or a wink, or contact him/her via chat.

  • How can you know when a user is online?

    A user is online when you see a green icon next to the nick.

  • Chat

    Allows you to interact directly and in real time with other users.

  • How do I chat?

    If you want to enter the chat invite someone using the "Invite to chat" link on the profile page of the selected user (only if that user is online!), then once you open the chat window click on the nick you want to chat and the conversation starts.

  • Mail-box

    Messaging works like any messaging system, but you can not attach files.

    Your mail-box classifies messages in the following categories:

    Last 30 days:

    View the conversations of the last 30 days.


    View all your conversations in the period of time between 30 and 180 days from today.

    The 2 types are divided further into "Received messages", "unread" and "sent messages ".


    Displays messages received by sender, subject and date of dispatch.


    Show messages with recipient, subject and date of dispatch.


    received messages not yet read.

    Space Occupied:

    The space, which appears at the top, indicates the amount of mail received and sent occupying the memory of your mail-box. To free space you have to delete messages. When the memory space used reaches 90% of the allowed capacity , please delete some messages.


    If you want to delete a message, check the box next to the message you want to delete and click Delete.

  • How can I read the messages?

    To read a message click on the subject of the message.

  • How do I write a message?

    Have you found an interesting profile and you want to get in touch? You must click on the "Compose Mail" link in the user's profile page.

  • How do I know if my message was read?

    By purchasing the PLUS option, you can request read receipt e-mail sent: check the confirmation before sending the message as in the example.

    Then to check if your messages have been read or not, go in sent messages, you will find a list of messages and the time of reading.

  • Crush

    To tell someone that you like him/her without sending a message or inviting him/her to chat (specially if you are shy!) you may send a Wink.

    Warning, this operation is not reversible: once a Wink is sent it can not be canceled.

    You can send a wink to someone by clicking on the button "Send a Wink"

  • Calculation of the compatibility

    Will she be the perfect woman?Or the ideal man for you? Calculate your compatibility with the user that you like by clicking on "Calculate compatibility": based on the characteristics of your user profile and of the chosen user, the website calculates your compatibility. You can send your compatibility test by clicking on "SEND".

Private area

  • What is the private area?

    The private area is a personal space where to publish text, images and video and the most private details of your love life. The private area is a very important tool: it is the place where you can describe yourself better. The private area has no public pages: to see the private area of another user you must ask his permission. Similarly, anyone who wants to see your private area must be authorized by you.

  • How can I access the privè of a user?

    To access the privè of a user click on the “Ask for privè” icon.

    Watch out: you can find the “Ask for privè” button ONLY if the user you’ve chosen has their own prove; in that case the icon is on the profile page, near the photo. Once you’ve clicked on the “Ask for privè”, it will be up to the user whether accepting your request or not.

    If you’re viewing the profile of a user and you don’t find the “Ask for privè” button, that’s because that user doesn’t have a privè.

  • How can I show my private area to other users?

    Access to your private area is reserved for authorized users. In your profile section dedicated to your private area you can see the users who want to see your private area and decide whether to grant them permission or not; also you have the ability to manage the users whom you gave access to your private area. You can permanently or temporarily block them.


  • Search and find

    When registering you have specified your gender (male or female) and gender of the person you are looking for. For example, if you are a woman seeking a man in your search listings you will only see men who are looking for a woman. Various types of search are available and filters allow you to refine your search. It is also possible to set the display of the results choosing from three different views.

  • A very complete and advanced search

    To find the profiles that are closer to your ideal, you can run the advanced search by clicking on "Create a new search": fill in all the criteria that define the type of ideal profile you want to save, then give your search a name and click 'Save and display'.

    You can save up to 10 advanced search.


    Sometimes fate plays an important role, you may find your soul mate thanks to zapping photos.

    Quick searches:

    You can select from one of three criteria in the Quick Search to find people that match your search. The criteria are:1) region,2) age and 3) the presence or absence of pictures in the profile; Or you can search directly by Nickname, if you want to quickly find a person with whom you have already had contacts.

    If you do not remember exactly the Nickname of the person you are looking for, you can use the "keyword search" for a list of profiles that contain the word you entered.

    You can do a quick search from the page 'search' or from the homepage: enter your criteria and click on "Search" to view the matching profiles.

    Or you can use the "one-click search" to quickly find a series of profiles according to predefined criteria. Here are some examples:

    • Living close to me: profiles of people who live in an area near you.

    • Born the same day: you have something in common!

    • It's their birthday

    • …

    In Affinity:

    A new service for women, In Affinity let you find your soul mate.

    In Affinity will help you find the people most similar to you according to your preferences. Complete the fields and start the search

  • Do you wish to chat using Instant Chat?

    Access to the list of people who are online by clicking on "Online", this way you can communicate instantly with these members. Alternatively, check the box "online" in your search.

    The people who are connected have a green icon near the nick.

    if you want to find the latest arrivals instead click on "Latest Members".

  • How can I eliminate results that do not interest me from my search?

    After purchasing the Plus option you can delete one or more results from your custom search.

    To delete the selected profile click on the icon and follow the instructions.

  • I removed a profile from the search by error, can I restore it?

    If you want to restore a user deleted from the search, enter in the profile and click on "Restore in the search."

Visiting a profile

  • How to visit the profile of other members?

    You can visit the profile of other members by clicking on their nickname or their pictures in your various searches or lists.

    The other's users profile allows you to discover:

    • Their general information: discover personal information (place of residence, marital status, educational level, profession, etc.) and read the description

    • personal data: physical description (size, eye color, etc.)

    • ideal partner

    • Photos: You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

    To fully discover an other's member profile you may request access to his/her private area.

    You can also know the date of the last connection of a member:

    the current connection status of the member is specified next to the profile's picture.

    If the user is:

    • Online: the indicator is green

    • Offline: the indicator is grey

    From a member's profile the following actions are possible: Send a wink or a message, calculate the compatibility, add to friends, add to favorites, put in the blacklist and access the private area.

    How to be alerted when a member visits my profile?

    You can be alerted by an e-mail when you're not online or from an alert when browsing, check the top bar of the web page.

    Finally, on top of your homepage you can check out the New visits to see who is last one that has visited your profile and clicking on 'List', you'll see all the profiles of members who have visited it.

Contact management

  • Manage your contacts

    To have a general vision of all the activities related to you, you can check the “Activities” section which is on the left side of the screen when you click on the “Visits” – “Winks” and “Favorites” button.

    The “Activities” section allows you to check who you’ve added to your Favorites, who’s added you to their Favorites, who’s viewed your profile, who’s sent you a wink, your matches (users interested in you), who’s added you in their Blacklist and who are your hidden users.

  • Friends list

    This is your list of privileged contacts. You can find them easily

  • Blacklist

    If you no longer wish to be contacted by someone you can put those contacts in this section, so that you can’t receive messages or be invited to chat by them.

Account management

  • Is it a paid service?

    Registration is completely free for all users!

    During the registration steps you can complete your profile, add up to four photos, create your private area and write a presentation of yourself.

    However, the free use of all services is restricted only to "woman looking for man" users."

    All other users:

    • Women looking for Women

    • Man looking for Woman

    • Man looking for Man

    must subscribe to a "Pass".

  • Why should I subscribe to a "Pass"?

    By subscribing to a "Pass" you will have access to more advanced services!

    The Basic Pass allows you to chat, video chat, send / reply to messages, view photos and other users' private area.

    You can add to the Basic Pass or, if you are a "woman looking for man" user, to your free basic services the options PLUS, STAR or both to get all the features.

    The Plus option includes:

    •Possibility to receive acknowledgment of your sent messages

    •Unlimited access to services from your mobile

    •Swithing between ONLINE / OFFLINE browsing

    •Choose who can see you ONLINE

    •Delete unwanted profiles from your search results

    The STAR Option includes:

    •The chance of being contacted by all users

    •You will have the priority in the presentation of new users / subscribers

    •Your profile will be highlighted on the home page.

    •You will be marked as a VIP member

    The options PLUS / STAR are fee based also for members who have a free Basic Pass (like "woman looking for man").

  • What kind of "Pass" can I subscribe to?

    •Pass 3 days

    •Pass 5 days

    •Pass 6 months

    •Pass 3 months

    •Pass 1 month



    •Star + Plus

  • How can I pay?

    You can pay by credit card.

    Payment by credit card: go to your profile, click on "My Account", select the favorite "Pass", then follow the instructions. We recommend that you carefully insert the required data.

    The cards we accept are the most common (Visa, Visa Electron, Verified by Visa, Mastercard, American Express), including prepaid cards.

  • What is the automatic renewal?

    From a few days before the expiration date, your pass (1, 3, 6 or 12 months) will be automatically renewed for the same period chosen at the time of purchase.

    The information on the automatic renewal can be found both outside and within the site. Automatic renewal is detailed in our terms of use, which can be accessed from outside the site, during registration and after you've logged in to the site.

    If you've activated a PLUS / STAR subscription, it will be renewed along with the Basic Pass subscription.

    If you have free use of the services (only provided to "woman looking for a man" users ) and you've activated the option PLUS / STAR, the period of notice is the same as the monthly subscription and the renewal will be monthly .

  • What should I do to cancel my "Pass"?

    Once you're logged in, click on the top right button "Settings": on the "Account status" section you'll notice "Status:" where you can check the status of your subscription.

    To cancel the automatic renewal, and therefore your subscription, you'll have to click on "Check" and follow the procedure until the final confirmation of its cancellation.

    Please note that the cancellation must be done within the following deadlines:

    - Not later than 48 hours before your subscription expiration, in case of 3-5 day subscriptions;
    - Not later than 7 days before your subscription expiration, in case of monthly subscriptions;
    - Not later than 15 days before your subscription expiration, in case of quarterly subscriptions;
    - Not later than 30 days before your subscription expiration, in case of six-month subscriptions;
    - Not later than 60 days before your subscription expiration, in case of annual subscriptions.

    If your cancellation request will not be executed within the specified time, it will not be taken into consideration and the subscription cancellation will be valid starting from the next deadline.

    We kindly remind you that once the cancellation is confirmed you can use your profile until the subscription's natural expiry date. In case you'd change your mind, and would like to reactivate the automatic renewal, you can click on "Reactivate" or go back to the site's home page.

  • What should I do to cancel the options PLUS / STAR?

    If you have activated the PLUS/STAR option, it will be cancelled together with the subscription within the relevant notice periods:

    - Not later than 48 hours before your subscription expiration, in case of 3-5 day subscriptions;

    -Not later than 7 days before your subscription expiration, in case of monthly subscriptions;

    - Not later than 15 days before your subscription expiration, in case of quarterly subscriptions;

    -Not later than 30 days before your subscription expiration, in case of six-month subscriptions;

    -Not later than 60 days before your subscription expiration, in case of annual subscriptions.

    Any cancellation request, not received within the time specified and not including all requested information, will not be considered valid. If your cancellation request contains all the information, but it won’t be received within the time specified, it will not be considered and the cancellation of the subscription will be effective as of the later deadline.

    We kindly remind you that once the cancellation is confirmed you can use your profile until the subscription's natural expiry date, after which, however, it will not be renewed.

    However, if you are a user with free services, to cancel the PLUS/STAR option click on the upper right corner at "Settings": under "Account Status" you'll notice the voice "Status:". Click on "Check" and follow the procedure until the final confirmation of its cancellation.

    Please note that the cancellation must be made no later than 7 days before the expiration of the option.


    it is necessary to send us your nickname, password and e-mail, otherwise the cancellation request is void because it doesn’t allow us to identify the user.

  • I want to cancel my Pass, can I keep the PLUS / STAR options?

    No, it isn’t possible to use the PLUS / STAR options without any active Pass, the only user who can use the option PLUS / STAR without a Pass are the "woman looking for man" users.

  • I subscribed to a basic Pass and now I would also like to activate the PLUS / STAR options, what should I do?

    If you have subscribed to the PLUS / STAR options within the tenth day of validity of your Pass, the cost will be charged immediately in addition to the cost of the Pass and the PLUS / STAR options will be renewed along with the chosen subscription.

    If you have subscribed to the PLUS / STAR options more than 10 days after you subscribed to your Pass and before the last 7 days before the expiration date, the cost will be charged immediately for the number of months of your Pass.

    If you have subscribed to the PLUS / STAR options in the last 7 days of validity of your Pass, the option is free for the current month (for up to 7 days) and the cost will be charged in addition to the cost of the Pass from the first renewal following.

Removing profile

  • What’s the procedure to follow to remove my profile?

    You can cancel your profile from within your private area on Onedate.

    Log into the website by using your login data or by using an email received from Onedate.

    Once you’re logged in, click on the top right button of the screen (the one showing your nickname) and on "my profile": at the bottom of the page you’ll notice "Cancel registration".

    Follow the video instructions to complete the procedure.

    Please keep in mind that if you choose the complete removal, you’ll completely lose, forever, the possibility of logging into your profile.

    We kindly remind you that, in case you have a Pass subscription, you’ll have to ask for the subscription cancellation before suspending or cancelling you own profile.

Problems with payments

  • I am trying to make a credit card payment, but I get a “transaction declined” error message

    The error "permission denied" can be due to many factors. First please check that you have entered all the details of your credit card: card number, CVV and expiry date.

    Our system supports credit cards belonging to the Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and American Express circuits.

    If you're using a prepaid card, make sure you have sufficient funds available to make the payment, otherwise it will be rejected. If you're using a "traditional"credit card make sure you have enough credit and still not have reached your maximum monthly ceiling.

    It may happen that, for reasons beyond our control, the payment may result unsuccessful, because declined by your bank or for other reasons. We recommend trying to make the payment again, and if the problem persists, to directly contact our support service.

    Finally, please note that the activation of the Pass and of any additional packages, if the payment was successful, is instantaneous.

    You will not receive any confirmation of activation and you will be able immediately to start contacting other users and read the messages you received. If you have done the payment correctly, but your Pass or add-on pack is not active yet, please contact our customer service.

Email services

  • What is the procedure to get removed from your mailing list?

    Not to be a part of our mailing list please click on the top-right button of the screen (the one showing your nickname), then on the “Settings and Pass”, therefore on the “Notification services”.

    In the “Notification services” area you can deactivate the option of receiving emails related to the listed services. Once you’ve chosen the services for which you’d like to receive a notification via email, and deactivated the ones you wouldn’t like to be notified about, remember to save the changes.


  • We protect the privacy of all of our members

    We respect the laws on the protection of personal data and we use the necessary resources to ensure a pleasant and secure environment

    Bt adhering to the service you agree that your following data are published: nickname, state,county,city of residence, sex and age.

    Your e-mail address and your phone number will not be published.

  • For how long will the information I entered during the registration process be stored in the database?

    Your personal data will be stored in our database until the moment you remove your profile from our portal.

Incorrect user

  • Incorrect user? Help us ...

    We ensure the optimum quality of the services as described in the terms of use and in the commitment to fairness (no false advertisement added, no animator, checks on photos and descriptions, etc..).

    If you think you found a fake profile, click on the text "fake profile" at the bottom of the profile to let us know.

    If you received an inconvenient message (spam, advertising, vulgar claims, racist or untrue statements, etc..) click on the "wrong message?" link to report it to our staff.

Support / Problems

  • I forgot my password. What can I do?

    If you have forgotten your password you can retrieve it yourself by following these steps:

    1) Go to the homepage of our website.

    2) In the upper right corner, where you normally enter your details to log in, you will notice that there is a link called "Recover password". Click on the link, a pop up to fill out will appear.

    3) You can choose to enter the email address you are registered with to the website or your nickname. You then click on "Request"

    4) You will be sent an email to the address you entered or to the one associated with your nickname with your password

  • What can I do if my password is stolen?

    We respect your personal information in compliance with the Privacy Act. We guarantee that you can not access the profile with no password, unless someone has become aware of it. We recommend using a password difficult to guess and use public computers carefully.

Privacy and Policy

  • We protect the privacy of all of our members

    We respect the legislation on personal data protection and we use the resources necessary to ensure a pleasant and secure environment.

    By registering to the service you accept the displaying on your profile of the following data entered at registration: your nickname, your country, county and city of residence, gender and age. Your email address and your telephone number will be not displayed.