• Is the service on payment?

    In order to join 4clublive, your credit card number will be requested to check that you are over 18.

    The service is not upon subscription. As a new user you can use a trial period, after which you can purchase new credits to use till their end.

  • How can I add credit to my account?

    To add more credits to your account, you have to be logged to the site.

    For the first purchase or when your credits will be over, you can go to your account page or click on the home page on the "+" in the upper right corner.

    You can choose among different available packages the one that best suits your needs.

  • How can I increase my spending limit?

    For the safety of all 4clublive users and to prevent fraud, all accounts have a maximum spending limit preset in a given period of time. The limit can be daily, weekly or monthly.

    If you want to purchase new credits you can do so at a later time or you can choose to increase the spending limit linked to your credit card, by sending the following information:

    -a copy of the Authorization Form completed in block letters and signed ( download here the PDF)
    -a back and forth copy of the valid credit card
    -a back and forth copy of the ID together with the valid credit card

    The Authorization Form must be printed, filled in block legible letters in every field, signed( will not be accepted forms signed digitally) and sent together with a copy of the credit card and identity document at .

    For more questions, more information or other editing options, we kindly ask you to contact our Support service .

  • My payment was refused. Why?

    If your payment was refused, please check the credit card data is correct and the Caps lock on your keyboard is off.

    Please also check that there are no problems with the credit card you're using. If you'll still have this problem, you can get in touch with our Support team.

  • I'd like to have further info on a bank debit

    For further info on a bank debit, please get in touch with our Support team.

  • I don't see any payment option. Why?

    We're trying to suggest in every country, the most useful means of payment.

    Unfortunately, at the moment, there are no available modalities for you country.

Your account

  • I forgot my login data

    The 4clublive login data, (email e password) are the same as the ones you use for 4club.

    To recover your data, click on "Forgot your password" which is at the login time, within a short time you'll receive an email, on the address used at the moment you registered on 4club, with your password.

  • How can I modify my login data?

    Your 4clublive account has the same email and password as for your 4club account, log in 4club and go to"account settings", at "login settings" you can change your email and password.

    Remember that once you've changed email and/or password, you'll automatically change also those of 4clublive.

Technical problems

  • The webcam image is of bad quality

    The images of our live cam models are sent via internet.

    Therefore, the internet connection determines the image quality.

  • The model in the webcam cannot see me. What can I do?

    First, please verify that your camera is working properly by testing it with another program that uses the webcam (such as Skype, MSN...), if the webcam works turn it off, so that is no longer in use by another program and then right click on the area where you should see your image and select the webcam.

    If the problem persists, reinstall the software of your webcam, if you have an external webcam you will find it on your webcam brand website, or if the camera is already installed inside your computer update/reinstall the webcam driver from your PC brand website.

  • My screen keeps on getting freezed

    Uninstall and reinstall Adobe Flash Player by clicking on this address :

    For the Windows VISTA users:

    If the problem occurs even after reinstalling Flash, there may be a problem caused by an authorization of Microsoft Windows Vista.

    Click on Windows than select the "search" function:

    Go to: C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash

    Right click on: FlashUtil9b.exe o FlashUtil9e.exe

    Select "Run as Administrator" and install the update. Restart the computer.

  • I have an error message: Loading preferences failed... Probably firewall issue (port 1935). What should I do?

    The live chat platform via webcam uses different "ports" of your internet connection.

    If one of the ports is locked, you cannot connect with the webcam model.

    You can try to disable your firewall or antivirus. Later, if you can connect to the platform, try to turn the firewall on and to explicitly authorize the port 1935 and port 80.

    Also check that the doors 80 and 1935 are not blocked from the operating system: (PC) (MAC)

    If you've disabled your firewall and the connection still doesn't work, check if you're using a "router" on your network. On some routers, firewalls can be configured to lock the ports 1935 and 80. Please make sure that this is not this case.

    If all the tips above are not sufficient to remedy the situation, please get in touch with the Support team.

Private Show

  • What's a Private Hot Show?

    Thanks to our Private Hot Show function, you will have the model's full attention on you.

    As soon as you enter the private session, by clicking on the Private Hot Show, other people will no longer chat with the model and you will be the only one who can still stand in the room with her. Not only that, instead of chatting, you can directly talk with audio.

    Here's all you need to know:

    It is the model herself who decides whether or not to offer this service and at what rate. The rate is always indicated on the private hot show page of the chat window.

    The private hot show is only available to those who have an account.

    When you start a session of a private hot show, the model must first accept it. It is therefore better to ask first if she is ready to offer this special service.

  • I can't chat with a model. Why?

    When one of our models is busy on a private session, you won't be able to chat with her.

    But, you can keep on looking at her show as soon as she'll be available again.

  • I don't see the Private Hote Show button. Why?

    There might be different reasons:

    The model does not offer this service. Each model can decide whether to offer or not this service, Ask her to activate it so you can use a private show.

    The Private Show option is available only if you have an account. You can create one in a few seconds, and you can use all of our features.

    The model is already on a Private Show session with someone else. You can keep on looking at her, but you'll have to wait till the end of the ongoing Private Hot Show session, and then start a new one.